Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Weekend=F.U.N.

We had a super fun Easter weekend. Kris and the kids colored eggs with Kole, Tabitha, the twins and our niece, Charlie on Friday. They had lots of fun. I, the photographer, had to work so sorry no pictures.....
On Saturday morning we went the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park. It was super cold but the kids were troopers and ended up with lots of candy:)

After we were finished at the park we drove to Orderville for the day. We had lots of fun there too. Madison and Kooper played in the dirt.......

Karter with his loot....

We got lots of fun things during our annual scavenger hunt. (Every year my mom and grandma put on a little scavenger hunt for the kids. They have to figure out the clues from the Easter bunny and they got lots of treats through out the hunt and at the end they each get a new outfit and beach towel)I remember doing this when I was a kid. I am so glad that we still do it now that I have kids of my own. Always lots of fun and the kids love it!!!!

Kooper with his loot.....

Madison with her loot.....

On Sunday we decided to go on a little hike in Zion. It had been forever since Kris and I had been hiking there so we thought it would be fun to take the kids there for the day. The weather was perfect and the kids did sooooo good. Even Kooper enjoyed it. YAY!!

Posing for the camera:}

After our hike we went and ate lunch in Springdale and then went to the movie, "Treasure of the Gods". And then finished the afternoon with ice cream. It really was such a fun day.

After we got home we headed over to Kole and Tabitha's house for a yummy dinner and spent the night relaxing.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Karter idolizes his Uncle Kole. They have so much fun together and have a very special relationship. Karter was the kind of baby that wouldn't go to anyone other than Kris and I. He would just cry and cry and he hated being around a lot of people. It was pretty rough on Kris and I. We couldn't leave him with him a babysitter, not even someone from our own family. Karter didn't meet his Uncle Kole until he was about 10 months old. (Kole is in the National Guard and was deployed at the time.) Kris's entire family was there to welcome Kole home and we were nervous how Karter would react. Well......it was perfect. He went straight onto his arms and fell asleep on his shoulder and Kole just carried him around......PRICELESS!!! And the rest is history. Kole is one awesome uncle, not just to Karter, but to all of his nieces and nephews:) Unfortunetly, Kole is being deployed again and we hate seeing him go. But we just want him to know how much we love him and how proud we are of him as a brother,son, uncle, father,husband and soldier!!!! Oh and as Karter's BEST BUD!!!! WE LOVE YOU KOLE:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're Alive......I think

I LOVE this picture of Kooper. He thought he would like eating the grass....
Another one of my faves

Our little Koopy Koop at 6 months

Our little stud muffin, Karter

And our sweet princess, Madison

So......it's only been about ten months since my last post and I finally decided to stop being lazy and update!!! I feel completely overwhelmed by everything I haven't blogged about so instead of going back and trying to catch everything up I am just going to start over fresh:)

I am going to tell you all the biggest things that have happened in our lives. One of them is the addition to our family. Kooper is the cutest, sweetest baby ever and any hesitation I had about having a third baby has gone out the window!! I was so nervous and scared but now I couldn't imagine living without him. We just love every minute and Madison and Karter are the best big sister and brother EVER!!!! He is now 8 months old. They truly do grow up way too fast and I wish I could him a baby forever.

Madison is in second grade now and is the smartest little girl in the whole world. If you dont believe me just ask her she will tell you its true. LOL!! She is the best big sister EVER and is such a big helper. She is now wearing glasses and looks absolutely adorable in them:) And she is only 8 but the drama has already begun. Little girls are so funny and everything is soooo dramatic:)

Karter is our easy going little boy!! He is so relaxed and just enjoys hanging out at home. Especially if the WII or XBOX is turned on and Uncle Kole is over playing with him. Him and his Uncle Kole are best buds and have so much fun together. They have their own little jokes and sayings they say to each other. I love it:) And I just registered Karter for Kindergarten. I'm a little sad he is growing up so fast!!!

As for Kris and I we are just trying to keep up with everything. Kris works during the day and then I go to work at night. I dont like it very much but it saves on daycare and I get to be home with the kids during the day so we try to make it work. We are just loving life and staying busy, but loving every minute of it:)

So I think I have brought everyone up to speed on what we have been up to. And I will do better with picture taking and blogging.....I hope

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So it has been quite some time since my last post. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about. We have been doing some super fun things. I have been a real slacker in the picture taking department and just have no real motivation to update my blog. I have been reading everyone else's though and appreciate the updates. I guess it's about time to return the favor:) So this is not going to be a super long post with tons of pictures. That will come at a later date in time. But I will tell you some things that have been happening and keeping us busy!!


So now it is summer and both the kids are just enjoying their time at home. We don't have anything too exciting planned but I will post pictures of some of things that I remember to capture with my camera but until then.....enjoy my update

Monday, March 1, 2010


So as I start to mentally prepare myself for another baby I look back at a few of my favorite memories when my kiddos were younger and I remember what life is ALL about!! Man do I love these two!!

They have got be two of the cutest kids I know:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#3 HOLY COW!!!

Okay so here it goes. As most of you have read on facebook we are expecting another baby. I love all the comments I have gotten and I have been getting tons of text messages too. Everyone must be as schocked as I am. I appreciate all of the support we have received so far. We were really nervous what everyone was going to think. I was SCARED TO DEATH to tell my mom. I mean after 41/2 years of not having kids I think everyone thought we were done. We sure did. We told everyone we were, that's because we thought we were. We weren't planning on having another baby and it actually took me a little while to get used to the idea. Actually I am still getting used to the idea. Kris is EXCITED!! He tries to hide it but he is really excited. Madison just has so many questions. Such as, "Really mom, really you are having another baby. I dont believe it." Or "I sure hope its a girl, I cant handle another little brother." She had to tell everyone at school. She is the funniest little girl ever. Karter on the other hand I think is trying to ignore the fact that there is going to be a NEW baby. He is my baby. He is such a mommy's boy so this is going to be a huge adjustment for him. To be honest, I am little worried about him. I hope he gets to used to it and learns to love the idea. We'll see. My mom took the news pretty well and I left it up to her to tell the rest of my family and all of Kris's family seems to be really excited. Now that it is out in the open I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

As for me, I haven't felt well for a long time and I have been extremely tired. Work has been hell. I have been an emotional wreck and I have been trying to put on a brave face because nobody knew until yesterday. I am also nervous about the weight gain. For the past year I have worked so hard to shed almost 90 pounds and to think some of that weight is going to come back scares me. But I will do what it takes to stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby.

I am also nervous about having 3 kids. I also just pictured myself with 2 so I hope I have it in me to do this. I keep thinking we dont have the space, the money, the time, the energy and then I stop myself and say: This is happening for a reason. Kris and I are GREAT parents and have beautiful children. Everything else will fall into place. Plus our family and friends are a great support system. This is all going to be okay and I just need to stay positive for myself and for my family:)

Well I have rambled on enough but thank you all for your love and support. I will keep you all posted on my progress. I dont know about pictures of my belly. I have never liked the camera while I was prego so we will see.

So as of January 13th: I am 11 weeks along
My due date is July 30th (But we are hoping it happens before then)
I heard the heartbeat
I haven't gained weight yet but I know that day will come too soon
I have been super sick and tired, Yuck!!
And certain foods make me want to gag (I wont list them becacuse there are too many)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where have I been??

Madison showing off one of her many gifts
Karter doing the same thing

My crazy kiddos on Christmas Morning
Okay so its been forever since I have blogged. I check everyone else's pretty much daily but I guess I have just been too lazy to post anything. Plus I have been super bad at taking pictures and I know everyone just likes to see pictures:)

We had a great Christmas. We got spoiled like usual and we decided to stay home this year and do our own thing. It was different for us. Luckily we had Kris's brother and his wife to keep us company so that was nice. On Christmas eve we went and saw the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and then came back to our house for an awesome dinner. We also played card games and just hung out and had a good time. Christmas morning we got up and opened presents and then Kris's brother and his wife came back over for breakfast. We got a WII and so did they so they brought over Mario Kart and we played that for a while. Later that afternoon we went to Orderville and had Christmas dinner at my Grandma Karen's house. It was a funfilled day.
For New Year's I worked and the kids didn't make it to midnight like they had planned. I got hime in just enough time to ring in the New Year with my hubby. Maybe one of these years we will do something fun and eventful but it didn't happen this year.

That pretty much sums up our holidays. Madison is back in school(thank goodness). We were both about to go crazy. Everything is back to normal and we are just staying busy. I promise I will do better taking pictures and keeping up on the ole blog.

One last thing I just realized this was my eighth Christmas with Kris. I cant believe it's been 8 years. And something else I can't believe Kris is going to be 28 is a couple of weeks!! Holy cow we are getting old:)